Hilaturas LM is a company that at present one dedicates to the manufacture and commercialization of wools and threads for labors. It possesses an antiquity of more than 50 years in the textile industry, having happened for several names. It began with the generation previous to the current one, in a beginning dedicated to the manufacture and later to the manufacture and sale of industrial threads. After some incursions in the manufacture of articles of point, in the year 2007 it began in the world of the wools for labors. The company has his facilities in Barberá del Vallés (Barcelona) in which it possesses the intermediate and final process of the manufacture of threads, wound, packaging and sending of the goods, simultaneously of the final quality control of the product, guaranteeing this way the final result.

 Our clients are principally shops of wools for labors, haberdasheries and craftsmen. 80 % of our products is made of Spain. To contact the company, in: or in the telephone 937180413.

In the paragraph OUTLET the articles of promotion are finally of manufacture, and in "OFFERS, INFORMATION " (in the top part of the web), are announced the discounts and special offers.