A really new product and 100 natural % as for his composition, the Bamboo provides sheen and a fall to the fabric, spectacularly. Of the wools that believe addiction. 80 % (VISCOUS) BAMBOO 20 % MERINO WOOL - Balls of 50 Grs. Aprox. - 90 Meters- needles 4 - 5 

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Weight - Meters50 grams, 90 Meters
Recommended needles4 - 5
Consumption jersey size 4210 BALLS
is used toClothing, hats, scarves, collars, accessories
Sample10x10cm : 20p. x 27 v.
ManufacturerHilaturas LM

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ADVANTAGES OF THE BAMBOO: Natural, ecological, biodegradable - Antibacterial - Hipoalergénico (void allergic reactions) - Fresh air and transpirable - Soft to the tact - satiny, silky Aspect … luxurious. The special characteristics of this fiber it her makes the público and ages adapted for all, specially for those more delicate skins, since for example that of the children and you drink. Scientific studies have demonstrated that the fiber of bamboo contains a particular and exclusive particle, so called " Bamboo Kun " of antibacterial properties and desodorizantes, even with more than 50 washes, it continues supporting all his properties.